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Georgie Macs
- Certification and Accreditations -


Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified Trainer of Hypnosis

NLP Master Coach

Master Practitioner of NLP​

Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
TimeLine Therapy™

Clinical Hypnotherapy 


Emotional Intelligence & Body Language 

Behavior Analysis & Investigative Interviewing

BA (Hons)



I offer group workshops for those wanting to work their healing in a setting where they can be guided to privately work on their own healing in a supportive group setting. During these sessions, when appropriate to the workshop, I teach self healing techniques that supports your healing journey. 


In the workshops you will be given the opportunity to let go of fears and anxieties through guided self healing techniques. Many of these fears and anxieties have been inherited through social conditioning, generational parenting and adaptive survival mechanisms created during our childhood, which all served a purpose at some point but has ceased to work now and are potentially harmful and destructive behavioural patterns that keep you from getting or even wanting what you need in life to live a fulfilled existence free from anxieties and fears.


1-2-1 Private Sessions

A few select clients a month are enrolled on the 1-2-1 day intensive breakthrough sessions and the 6 hour interventions sessions each month. 

These bespoke courses use proven change work methods for lasting results. Potential 1-2-1 clients are interviewed for suitability. This is not a magic pill this is emotional change that supports and makes the continued development of personal, professional and spiritual growth much easier. 

The tools and techniques I have assist you in your journey to get over those blocks and sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back, so you can continue on your path having shed that old load. 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
― Albert Einstein