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Mental & Emotional Resilience - Stop Coping Start Recovering.

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Mental and Emotional Resilience is about a persons capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

It's not about learning to cope with or managing the problem, which is rather more suggestive of being in those difficulties indefinitely! It's not about shrinking yourself to cope and it's definitly not about long and arduous therapy processes that drags you though every past trauma and incident in your life to hopefully bring you to that cathartic "Ah ha!" moment and maybe it won't have taken 10 years to get there and all the holiday money. No! it's about quick recovery from difficulties and returning to an even stronger emotional state of mind than before and having learned valuable lessons. These could stem from family or relationships, or workplace and financial worries, bullying, isolation, societal stresses, whatever the external trigger the recovery is from within.

Some people believe that they are controlled by their state..

Why not?

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