I work with people who are dedicated to change and succeed, so if you are just looking to relieve symptoms and carry on doing what you have always done then I am not the coach for you.  That quick fix attitude will only get short term fixes.  If you truly want to change and want the quickest way then do it properly the first time. If you want to effectively clear out all the old unhelpful crap and start making a life that brings you joy every day, then let's talk.   If you really want to change your situation, fix the effects of the old patterns, learn to change and really create the life you want, then let's talk.


Our sessions work on the core of the issue, this means that we are not just working on the symptoms of how you got to where you are now or just the desired goal, we are going to be working holistically. Working out where you are now, what were the patterns and behaviours that got you here that have stopped being helpful, and what you need to change and learn to get you to where you want to be. 

These sessions are normally 90 minutes.  Depending on your particular outcomes some sessions can be longer intensive sessions that are 4 hours and even 8 hours this will depend on the goals, the hidden challenges, potential self-sabotage, and any limiting past experiences.


10 hours - £2000   Sessions to be used in 3 months 

20 hours  - £4200  Sessions to be used in 6 months

40 hours -  £8888  Sessions to be used in 12 months

Student Programs

5 hours - £500   Sessions to be used in 2 months 

10 hours  - £1000  Sessions to be used in 3 months


Book a call back to discuss what program would be right for you. 


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
― Albert Einstein

locations Surbiton, London, Dorset, Skype

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