"Georgie is amazing at what she does. The sessions I had with her taught me a lot about myself, fixed the obstacles I had in my mind which were stopping me from living life to the full, and she also taught me skills to help me overcome and understand self-limiting beliefs.
Since working with Georgie I am happier, more in control of my life, and I know myself."


Tommy Knight






"Georgie is a brilliant coach and trainer of NLP and I personally used her to navigate new career changes. Georgie has exceptional acuity and a wide range of tools at her disposal I can only encourage anyone serious about making massive positive changes to check her out."

Diane Beck


Transformational Breakthroughs 



"Going through several major life challenges at once was making me frustrated and crazy. I came to believe that I wasn’t wanted or valuable. All of the negative feelings coupled with my beliefs were holding me back from visualizing the solutions I needed to move forward in a positive way. It was also impacting my health. I was getting nowhere. Georgie suggested Time Line Therapy as a way of re-visiting childhood issues, ultimately releasing them. She is insightful, straightforward and amazing to work with. As I found, getting to the core was very difficult. Her patience and perseverance enabled me to dig deep into my center and confront my feelings, releasing them. Georgie has a range of skills that she utilizes in her methods tailored to specific needs. Today I see every day as a positive new opportunity. I am motivated and know that I will succeed. Give it a try, you will learn about yourself in the process. Thank you, Georgie!"

Rosemarie Bryant






“After a lifetime of trying to do it myself, (and failing) I reached a stage where I had to turn to someone for help.  Luckily Georgie was there.  The breakthrough session cleared the way for me to believe in myself and what I can now achieve.”    

Kirsty Rushen



NLP Trainer & Speaker

"Georgina is a very competent trainer and speaker. Her natural hypnotic voice enables her to deliver hypnotic technique easily and effortlessly. She also has a very good rounded NLP knowledge and experience. I have learned and benefit a lot from her training sessions."

Eva Kwong




“Georgina is a captivating trainer whose easy-going personality engages with every kind of audience. Georgina’s skills are self-evident as she demonstrates change from the stage and in conversation, challenging each student to reach further and climb to ever increasing heights. Georgina is an exceptional trainer of NLP.” 

Simon Lewis